Jordan McCoy =]

Monday, May 18, 2009

I have got to say I love her now. I did not even know who she was the last few minutes until I checked my mails. There is this guy who sends me a message to my Youtube account asking me if I want to subscribe him since he will upload new twilight video and bla bla. I went to check his site since me myself is a Twilight’s freak. Fortunately, I saw these cool videos by Jordan McCoy. It was mind-blowing because she got great voice. She was a former star from American Juniors which is known as the American Idol spin-off. I do not know about that and have not heard of it before. Besides, I do not live in America so I was not really aware about what is happening there. She was also a member of a group named Dream. Still have not heard of it. Sorry. My bad for lacking information on this matter. Well I have watched all the videos by her and wow, she did a great job by singing other people’s songs like Britney’s If You Seek Amy. She is actually far better than Britney. But she is not as famous as she is though. To my surprise actually her song ‘Rock Star’ was featured on The Hills. Funny because I love that song when I heard it on the show but was not really care to google for it. If I have done it by now I could have enjoyed her songs already. here are some of her videos. By the way she looks like Emma Roberts who starred in Wild Child. Isn't she? Check it ya...

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