Humbug by Arctic Monkeys

Sunday, August 16, 2009

As I’ve promised before, I’m going to tell you about the latest Arctic Monkey’s album HUMBUG. The album consists of 10 amazing songs from Arctic Monkeys. I’ve been waiting for this one and now that I’ve got it I’m kinda addicted to it. Well I’m a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys especially Alex Turner so how could I resist listening to his voice?? Oh with his cute accent. Yes I’m melting..Hahaa ^_^ I love “My Propeller”, “Cornerstone”, “Potion Approaching”, “Crying Lightning”, “Secret Door” or simply said that I love all of it. I really love their lyrics but I think most of the lyrics were all about Alexa, which is not a bad thing but definitely not a good thing for me as I don't want to imagine her as I listen to the songs. I do love the couple but hey should we know all about Alex and Alexa? Even their sex life? Should we? Among all, I'm fucking in love with "Dance Little Liar" not just because it is awesome instrumentally but also because of the lyric itself..

here's the lyric : Dance Little Liar

I heard the truth was built to bend,
A mechanism to suspend the guilt,
Is what you will acquire,
And still you’ve got to dance little liar.

Just like those fibs to pop and fizz,
And you’ll be forced to take that awful quiz,
And you’re bound to trip,
And she’ll detect the fiction on your lips,
And dig the contradiction up.

And the clean commend the hurt,
And you can never get it spotless,
When there’s dirt beneath the dirt,
The liar takes a lot less time.

I’m sure it’s clear and plain to me,
It’s not an alibi you need just yet,
Oh no it’s something for those beads of sweat,
Yes that, will get you back to normal.

And after you have dabbed the patch,
You will grieve and then proceed to scratch,
The varnish off that newly added calmness,
So as not to raise any alarms too soon.

And the clean commend the hurt?
And you can never get it spotless,
When there’s dirt beneath the dirt.

The liar takes a lot less time,
To decide on this saunter,
Have you got itchy bones?
And in all your time alone,
Can you hack your mind being riddled with the wrong memories?

And the clean commend the hurt.
And you can never get it spotless,
When there’s dirt between the dirt.

Alex said that this album was very personal and I think it was personal to him which is why I don't get a lot of it. But hey I love all of the songs despite my confusion in their lyrics. Haaha..

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Mike said...

Thanks I find it very interesting. Very good work and nice template . Have a nice day! Mike from

Keith said...

It sounds great. I love the Artic Monkeys. I'll definitely have to get this album. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Cheers!

Nubiasnonsense said...

I never heard of them but they lyrics are pretty deep. Thanks for posting I'll have to check them out

econtatto said...

And now you have a new fan of your site!!
Mike from
have a nice day!

whibley said...

@Mike : Thanks for commenting..u too..have a nice day..

@Keith : You do? well if you do, you should get the album..definitely..! the album is great..!!

@Nubiasnonsense : you should go and check it out..and I guess I'll have to put the song in here right? I'll try to put it later.

@Econtatto : Oh big thanks to you..=]

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