White Collar season 2

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do you guys watch White Collar? I heard there will be 2nd season coming this June or July. Pheww what a good news. What is White Collar? Well it's a TV series

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White Collar is about the unlikely partnership of a con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat and mouse for years. Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), a charming criminal mastermind, is finally caught by his nemesis, FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay.)

When Neal escapes from a maximum-security prison to find his long-lost love, Peter nabs him once again. Rather than returning to jail, Neal suggests an alternate plan: He'll provide his criminal expertise to assist the Feds in catching other elusive criminals in exchange for his eventual freedom. Initially wary, Peter quickly finds that Neal provides insight and intuition that can't be found on the right side of the law.

I love this series. Well, you know I'm a sucker for TV series. I keep saying this to myself when I know there's new TV series. "Please, don't make me start"
because you know, once I started, I'm hooked. But I don't like few TV series such as -Lie To Me, -North Shore and bla bla..Just to name a few.

Well for White Collar, of course I like it. Why wouldn't I? Matthew Bomer is hot. I mean with his piercing blue eyes, cute face, hot body, I don't know what else should I say? haha. Oh wait, maybe I'm bias. You know, I like him since I saw him in Tru Calling. You know Luc Johnston? anyone? or maybe for those who watched Chuck remember Bryce Larkin. I still wish Bryce isn't dead in Chuck. =]

There's a rumors saying he's gay. Well I don't care! I still like him just like Neil Patrick Harris. It's not like I wanna marry him. xD xD

Matthew Bomer plays Neal Caffrey who's a genius con-artist. I always have a thing for geniuses. Period

What I like about this TV series is the ongoing desire for me to know who's conning who. I don't know. At first, for some reason I thought Peter is the mastermind. You know the scene where he went to see Kate and Kate didn't look so surprised to see him as if they have already been working together.

But then when I finished watching the 1st season, I started to think maybe Kate is the mastermind. IDK
And if you guys watched the series, you'll remember the scene where Alex slipped something in Neal's pocket and I don't know what is it. There are definitely lots of theories and questions.

- Why in the hell Elizabeth looks like Kate? Aren't they related to each other? or is it just a coincidence?
- Why they keep saying something like "Give him what he wants"
- What's there in the music box?
- I don't think Kate is being held by anyone. She seems to be so free.
- There's something off about Peter somewhere but I still want to believe that Peter is the good guy.
- What's up with the ending? The plane exploded! I hope Kate's dead but I don't think so. Kate is Caffrey's weakness so there must be something worthy to keep Kate all along.

I don't know. There are just too many questions, too many theories. And this is why I love this series.

I love the Chinese curse as well. The phrases have been used frequently by Caffrey and Mozz.

"May you live in interesting time"
"May you find what you're looking for"

p/s: How do you resist him? xD xD

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