Keeping old things

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hmm..I just got back to college..While I was unpacking my things to arrange them, I kinda noticed most of my things are old. I mean really old like 9 years old. Haha. Weird but true!

I don’t really like to change my things. I have been using the same pail since I was 13. That was the first time where I got admitted to boarding school. I bought lots of things to wear while in hostel. And yes I’m still using it.

Not to mention the same old toiletries basket, the same padlock, the same mirror, and many more. They’re all still in good condition. Trust me! I don’t mind buying new one if they’re not in good condition.

It’s just I don’t really like to change my things. If I can still use it, I’ll use it till it can’t be use anymore. Hehe

I have been using the same pencil since I was 14. I love that green pencil even though green is not my colour. I keep saying the pencil is my boyfriend. Hahha..When I lost him, eventually he’ll come and find me again. Lost and found him a couple of times. I have never bought another pencil.

My mom used to check my drawer and boxes, and she always said “Do u really need this one?”, “Why do u still keep this one?”, “Let’s just throw this one”.. Hahha.
Keeping old things is my forte. I have feeling like I might need to use it anytime later. That’s why I like to keep old things. But please, not to the extent of keeping useless things!

I love shopping but when I buy new things, I don’t easily throw away my old things. In fact, I have been using lot of things for a long time. I care for my belongings. I don’t like people borrowing it and they don’t know how to give it back. It’s rude for me to ask for my belongings.

My rule is hope he/she will remember that thing they’re holding is actually mine. Second rule, if they don’t remember to give it back, just let them keep it. Same goes for money. If someone’s borrowed money like below 50, I don’t mind to let go of it. That’s only if they don’t remember to pay it back. Below 50 is acceptable. Above that, I’d think twice to let it go. Haha

My point here is I don’t mind if people saying I’m weird because I’ve been using the same old things. Trust me! I’ve got lot of ‘weird looking’, ‘weird expression’ when I said I’ve been using it since I was 13, 14 or whatever.
Well I honestly think there’s nothing wrong of it. It’s not like I can’t buy new things, but I chose not to. =]

P/s: They say if you like to keep things for a long time, it means you are loyal. You don’t like to change boyfriend. Hahah..! Well, it’s true! But Taureans are all loyal..Pffft.

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