Lazy is my middle name?!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have not open my blog for quite a while. I've been busy or let's just say I'm too lazy to open it. Not a good blogger right? well I usually blog if I wanna say something or I wanna share something. Sometimes I even used it as another way to channel my thoughts or feelings.
Plus I haven't feel good lately. I had a very bad stomach ache and I'm too lazy to do anything. I wish I knew what was the problem but heck I'm too lazy to go to the clinic. Therefore I spend most of my time sleeping. See? I'm that lazy.
I need to find a cure to my laziness. Do they have some sprays or some pills to cure this? HaHaHaHa xD xD

2 response(s):

Sparkle said...

hope ya feel better! love the blog. very pink! lol. anyways im sparkle! new to blogging.. check mine out.. take care :)

whibley said...

@Sparke: hey Sparkle..u must be so sparkling..=].. yeah feel better now,,thanks anyway. I'll check ur blog..take care too.