Saturday, September 18, 2010

You know what? I used to love Sum 41 so much back years ago when I was still young, when I was still in school..In fact, I have all their albums including their EP.
I'm quite fond of them that I have their giant poster.
Even my calculator has two of their pictures..
I've been using that calculator for a while now like 5 years or something. I couldn't remember the exact date I bought the calculator. I used that calculator mainly for everything. For exams, assignments and even in daily live. Ah whatever, my point is not the calculator but how much I like Sum 41.

You know they have good music (for me) and they're very funny as well.Oh I really like Deryck Whibley's voice apart from Pete Doherty's , Alex Turner's and Julian Casablancas'. As I grow older, the band has come towards their end. They have quite a number of problems and they have stopped releasing new album.

And I even read that the band is gonna split. Thus you know being a younger version of me, I kinda believe it and I was so frustrated at that time. I even stopped receiving any news from them. Little did I know they're actually still in this industry doing what they do best, making their own music.

The thing is they have never split, nearly split but never split. The last album I had was Underclass Hero which is the only album I like less. But hey I still like them. I still play their songs from time to time.
In fact, I have never remove 'Over My Head' from my portable. I don't know how but recently I've got the news that they're going to release new album, Screaming Bloody Murder. It is set to be released in 2010/2011. Then I was like, oh my they've come back..haha..Silly me!

They're always here in this industry. I'm the one who has gone missing. xD xD
If you're one of their fans, try to listen to their new song, Skumfuk.
I'm not sure whether Skumfuk is one of the songs from their new album or not, since you know some say it is but some say it isn't from the new album. Whatever. Let's just wait for the new album to come out. I hope they still have the killer touch. =)

Meanwhile, enjoy Skumfuk. =)

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