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Saturday, October 29, 2011

It shows the clock isn't dead as I'm writing this, it's freaking 4 am. Yeah, I'm wide awake. Thanks to a part of a day dozed off.
I haven't been writing anything lately. Not that I've ran out of muse but it's just I'm frigging busy to the extent that I prefer to ditch anything that goes in the distraction department. But hey here I am writing again just because I feel like writing something in the sound of nothingness at 4 am. Kudos to the sound or perhaps to the part deaf ears.

Well I have foreseen my days ahead and I think it's gonna be hectic. Like mad hectic! Whatever. It's not like I couldn't survive it.

Anyway a word came to my mind before I went to bed just now, hence giving me some sort of interest to write back in here.
Define sincerity?
I don't even know where to begin.
But I do believe people should bring a pocket of sincerity everywhere they go.
Because people would rather be polite than sincere.
It's in the back of our mind. I know. I do too.
But let's try to be sincere, shall we?

It's quite hard because we were raised to see life like that or to live life like that. I mean to be polite rather than sincere even in the toughest time.
We prefer to endure rather than saying No to a thing we know we couldn't handle. It's good to be polite but what's polite when it robs the essence of sincerity?

It's just something to ponder. Work the brain, think and think again.

P/s: Let's just say I'm on hiatus. I won't be back till everything is finish. Till then, Xo.

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