Sunday, June 3, 2012

Euro is coming and I have the biggest concern in my life.

I'm afraid I don't have enough time to catch up with Euro. I'm working right now and it's certainly different when I was a student.

Few years back, I wouldn't mind to sleep for 2-3 hours before heading to my classes in the early morning. Yeah you know, we don't have to be in campus like 8-9 hours straight. There are few gaps in between, you can take a catnap.

But as of now, I need at least 5-6 hours sound sleep for me to muster enough energy to work tomorrow. And how in the world will I be able to catch Euro without the need to worry about my performance during work?

Hiyya. National problem..!!!

I guess I just have to sacrifice a lil' bit. It's either to sacrifice my energy or sacrifice my need.

Sacrifice my energy in the sense that I'll watch the match for sure but I have to keep up my energy level for work as well. Drink some energy drink etc cause I can't drink Nescafe. My poor body rejected caffeine.

Sacrifice my need in the sense that I'll just pretend Euro is not happening right now which is so difficult for me! I don't have to watch the match if it's on weekdays. All I need to do is just to keep myself updated with the scores. Still, it's a tough job for me.

I wonder if we are growing old and older, do we sacrifice our interest to fit with our age?

When we were kids, we were playing with dolls, tamiya, legos etc and somehow when we reached puberty, we stopped playing.

I mean like when I reach 35-40 y/o, do I still watch football or the interest will fade as the time goes by?

I wonder and keep wondering.

But one thing for sure, people keep changing. Our brain is developing. 

Few years back I would have never imagined to be doing what I do now. I would have never like things that I like now.

Same goes with technologies. It keeps surprising us. Almost everything is going digital nowadays. 

Smart phone with a data connection is now a necessity. People created the necessity.

In the future, there's always something to surprise you or even to drive you. You just have no idea how to handle it yet. Let's wait and observe the changes we create. ;)


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