been busy..eid fitri

Monday, October 6, 2008

well i've been really really busy these days..i have no time to update my blog..huhu..even though i got break for about a week for eid fitri festival,but still im really bz..too many assignments to submit after the break..haahha..but im glad that i enjoy my raya..ahha..i love raya festival because everything is new..from shoes,tops,accessories and also curtain..all of it are new..its like the tradition of hari raya changing every thing to a new one..i also love the cookies,cakes and all of the meals served in 'open house'..i love 'soto','laksa' and etc...just to name a few..haha..but sadly,i didn't make any 'biskut raya' or cookies this mom said she is too tired to make it,and we just bought all the cookies..but still,they are all very delicious..haha..not to forget about 'duit raya'..ahha..i managed to collect more than im really glad that it is Raya even though i'm hell busy..and i wish i can celebrate hari raya every month so that i could get more money each month..ahhaha...

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