Finally I'm back..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It has been quite a while since I last checked my blog..I'm really sorry..I had to deal with several things..I have exams, assignments and I have to wait till I get my laptop back. Then I had to stay away from the internet for a while to make sure that I have a good firewall, anti-spyware, antivirus and etc. I didn't want to risk my laptop to being attacked with viruses again. I'm done with that. It was so fucked up that I couldn't switch on my laptop when I have tons of assignments to do. =[ Let's just forget about that.

Now I'm going to talk about TV series. Yeah..! I'm currently on 2 weeks holiday, so Happy Holiday for me..I have few assignments to be submitted after holiday. You know the lecturers; they won't let us to have free perfect holiday..=[ But I'm not going to think about work for a while..Ha-ha..
Well I'm currently watching all new episode of new season of almost every TV series. Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill, and the latest one Vampire Diaries. Let me talk about it one by one.
First one is Gossip Girl. Oo I still love Chuck and Blair. They're becoming sweeter and crazier than ever. I really hope they will be more like that throughout the whole season. Serena?! I don't know what's going on with her trying to get her dad's attention and all other stuff. Still she’s the heart of the gossip girl. haha

For 90210, I don't know but for some weird reason I do pity Annie. Honestly, I'm not really into her and I think she's the most annoying character but somehow I do pity her in this season since I think Naomi would go further to humiliate her..I don't know..Maybe something like publishing Annie's naked pics.. nah I have to wait for 2nd eps.

For One Tree Hill, ooohh the series has been going on for so long! If it's not for Brooke, I don't think I would go and follow the series again. Thank goodness that Brooke and Julian have become closer in a relationship, and that's a good thing. It's been a long time since Brooke had a good relationship.

For Vampire Diaries, I've gotta say this series is a bit typical. You know nowadays there are lots of vampire based story but it keeps getting interesting. Perhaps it's because of my growing love for vampire. Ahh..Wuteve..

Lastly, I'm waiting for Heroes Volume 5: Redemption.

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