goodbye Mr. Holiday..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today will be the last day of my holiday. Oh Mr. Holiday, I’m going to miss you. Really miss you. I have my classes as usual starting tomorrow and lots of assignments coming up, to be added with unfinished assignments. Huu.

By the way, last few days I went to the beach for holiday. I had fun with my families and all my cousins. Well you know it was always fun to watch the waves as it hits the shore and we did enjoy a good barbecue. However, there was this one thing annoyed us. When we were playing ball, kites and some of us were happily swimming in the sea, there was this one “not-so-bright” guy came with his fierce-looking bulldog. He was completely out of his mind to actually take his dog into the sea. Euw..please..! It’s a big no-no to bring your dog to the beach and into the sea? Come on? My cousins and some of the people who were already swimming in the sea were so furious and they had to leave as this guy did not want to leave. He was so cold and I think he’s not even local. He did it on purpose because there are lots of other spaces in the sea but he still wanted to come to a place where there’s a crowd of people. I don’t want to say he’s stupid but he has no manners at all. That’s for sure.

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