The King Of Limbs

Friday, February 18, 2011

Actually I've known about this one before but I didn't have time to update my blog. I've been real busy these days. My robot competition is next week and I still work on the programming for the robot. I really hope I can finalize it soon.

Okay. So here's the story. I read the news from NME. Apparently Radiohead will release their new album, The Kings Of Limbs tomorrow, Saturday. Hooooooooooorayyyyyyyyy!! (^_^) I'm so happy. I can't wait since I love Radiohead. I think Thom Yorke is a genius. ;)

The album is available as a newspaper edition or digital download. You can download it at £6 and the newspaper edition is at £30. I'm not sure what newspaper edition supposed to mean but I think according to their site, you will be given a CD, two vinyl records and 625 tiny pieces of artwork.

For more information or better if you want to get a copy for yourselves, go to KingofLimbs. The fact that they don't reveal the track listing makes it even surprising.

P/s: I think 2011 is lovely. Radiohead's album, The Strokes' album are coming and soon to come; Sum41's , The Kills' and Arctic Monkeys' album. ;)

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