My habit has taken its toll on me

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seriously I have this habit of eating only when I have time or when I have the mood or when I'm not lazy to go out to find some food. Basically, I rarely eat like normal people. I mean normal people should eat at least 3 times per day; breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively. But I don't do such especially when I'm in campus.

I think seeing me eating breakfast is quite impossible even when I have an early morning class. Usually I'll eat either lunch or dinner. If I have eaten lunch, there's no need for me to eat dinner. This explains why I'm petite and thin, I don't think I fall into the skinny type. Haha.

One meal is enough for me. Honestly, it's not! But I don't really have that much time to go and find some good meal. Okay. It's a lie! Let me re-phrase it, I like to think I don't have time to go and buy some food. Besides, if I'm not in the mood to eat, I don't eat. Living in campus, you need to find your own meal, no one's gonna cook for you and yeah we don't have kitchen in our hostel. Due to doing such things, I've been getting gastric every now and then. Even my doctor advised me to change my eating habit. Yet I'm so stubborn.

And today, I've only eaten once. Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner all combined in one meal. This is normal for me, but tonight I had a very painful stomachache. It's gastric of course. I was in the lab finishing our robot, and gosh every time I laugh or I talk, it felt like there's some sort of acid being injected in my stomach. No sign of food in lab so I had to bear the pain for a little while.

By that time, I realized that my habit has taken its toll on me. I should care about my health. This is getting way out of hand. Another habit need to be changed is procrastination. Don't you think whenever you put something off, there's always a heavy price to pay.

I have so many things ahead of me for now. This week I have 3 exams coming, assignments to submit, some projects and finally our robot for the contest. The contest is just around the corner and we still haven't finish it.

I guess a pocketful of luck would have been great at a time like this. ;)

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