Natural disaster

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Well my heart goes out to all the victims in Japan. They had a massive earthquake and tsunami.

Even though Japan is known to be well prepared for such disaster, still no amount of preparation can actually kill the inevitable damage and loss of life when it comes to such massive natural disaster.

It's true that we can only plan things but not everything we plan goes accordingly. We will never know what things await us in the future. Only God know.

I was shocked and scared when I watched the video of the tsunami.

Seriously what would you do if you were in their shoes? Things happened like a streak of lightning. It was unbelievably fast. Can you imagine 8.9 magnitude quake with 7 meters tsunami wave?

Pray for them and if you can help them in any way like donate some money or what, feel free to do so.

P/s: I feel like I'm playing around too much. :(

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whibley said...

@Anon: Hey thanks for the lovely comment. I appreciate it. ;)