Arrivederci Captain

Monday, August 15, 2011

Adios mi capitan.

Arsenal (2003-2011), Barcelona (2011- ??)

The drawn-out saga has ended for real this time. Le sigh.

I'm bidding farewell to the captain, Cesc Fabregas.

It's disheartening to know another one left us. Big time sadness!

And yeah, he left us when we needed him the most.

"Perhaps Arsene you should have been a bit more forceful about that months ago. Losing your two best players the day before the season starts is nothing short of an embarrassing disaster." ~Legrove

But then again, the truth didn't startle me at all. In times, I kept reminding myself the truth is nigh. At some point, he's going back to Barca. That's pretty much about it.

Enjoy your time on the bench if not in the 1st XI. (That's my evil alter-ego, she said that!)

Though the truth is hard to swallow, I'm wishing him all the best in his career and welcome back to the nou camp.

You are loved, you will certainly be missed.

You'll remain as our youngest goalscorer. That's for sure. I'm referring to the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers back in 2003.

Thanks for the amazing 8 years journey. And just so you know, you were once our captain. I'll treasure that in my memories. Once a gunner, always a gunner.

So the Fabregas transfer saga is over as he signs for Barca. Good luck to him, top player. I'm interested to see where Barca will fit him in ~ Rio Ferdinand (via twitter)

P/s: This news reminds me of the moment when Henry left Arsenal. ;(

Henry, Hleb, Pires, Viera and many more. Cesc has joined the list! Congrats. ;(

And yeah, a warmth note for Arsene: Spend some fucking money!!

Oh excuse my French!

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