Lollapalooza 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Around The Park by Steve Wrubel, originally uploaded by LollapaloozaFest.

I forgot how awesome a band could be till I watch the replay of Lollapalooza again. I've watched it a few times and yes, I even watched the
live webcast of the fest on Youtube. Thanks to those who reminded me about the webcast!

This is indeed another great music festival along side with Coachella, Glastonbury, SXSW and etc. I wonder where's The Strokes this year? I remember they played last year. NVM

I didn't watch the whole set though, I picked the one I fancy.

Foo Fighters

The best performance out of all..!! Foo Fighters were so awesome..!!
They kept playing in heavy rains mannn. Shiznit..!

No doubt, Dave Grohl is one of the best frontmen in history. I kid you not!!

There goes my hero.. The best of the best!

You know what I like?
I like it when rock & roll band come up on stage and play their instruments and they don't use fucking computers when they play.


I'm looking to the sky to save me.

Arctic Monkeys is a bad ass fucking rock & roll band.
You hear that, don't cha??

Damn, effin awesome speech by Grohl..!! Perry Farrel, mann!! If you don't know who's Perry Farrel, you're way too young. HAHA. JK! Easy peasy, google him.
Anyway this is the best song ever written in The Colour and The Shape. Period.

This song is by far, the best song written in Wasting Light.
Oh wait, what about Bridge Burning, Rope, These Days? NVM.
Let me sum it up. Wasting Light is the 2nd best album after The Colour and The Shape.

Arctic Monkeys

I miss their old songs. Alex never fails to amaze me. For a recent heartbroken man, this was pretty rad (Not the best performance though)..! No worries Alex..!!

Fluorescent Adolescent still gets me jumpy.


Uber-cool background!

Splendid riffs!!

Matt nailed it.

Cage The Elephant

Enjoy peeps. ;)
For other videos, just search it on youtube. You'll find it.

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