Of yapping and yapping again

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I haven't write in here for quite a long time. I've lost my mojo to write in here.

But here I come again, hence the title above.

I'm gonna write whatever comes to my mind.

  • I long for a long break. Haven't got any so far. Final exam-> Internship -> 3p course . And I just finished this 3p course and alhamdulillah, passed the exam and got the certificate from Autodesk. What's next?? Oh well currently, I'm staying in campus to finish my fyp 2. Talk about persistence? This is it. But honestly, I don't mind to do what I ought to do. After all, it's part of my responsibility. ;)
  • Completed 3 months of internship. An infinite thanks to everyone in the company for the advices, guidance, humour, inspiration and just everything that make the list of awesome. Muchas gracias. There's a saying ..........."There's a first time for everything"...........
    Oh yea, I did a lot of that while working. Not to mention about the day I conquered my fear of height. *mind-blowing*
  • It hits me to say that the worldly matters often offer a large amount of temptation. I've lost count of times I'm defeated by such large amount of temptation. Sometimes we do forget that the world is temporary. We're so determined to satisfy ourselves hankering for the worldly affairs that we forget the existence of the other world. The world that truly awaits us, the one that is eternal. O Allah, grant me a strong-willed mind that keeps reminding. I think I kinda need that. Period
  • I'm that easy to get bored. After 2 months and counting, I'm bored with FB. It's a good medium for you to keep tabs on your friends but nah, it's not necessary though. I don't mind to update about my life in twitter and this piece of blog, but not in FB. I feel bare. I know you could easily manage your settings to be private, but then If I were to privatize everything in my account, it'd defeat the purpose of me creating a FB account. Blerghhhh...I'm so weird!! Oh wait, what's my purpose again? Shoot.
  • I think I might have suffered from a temporary brain amnesia if there's such thing anyway. The capacity of my memories is jacking up! The old memories tend to be diminished. What a bummer.
Okayyyyyyyy. I'm done yapping. Toodles <3

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