Out of the Cocoon

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have this bad habit; I tend to over-analyzed things/decisions I've made knowing that I could do better or I could have made another decision.

Do you have this? Hahaa

I'm not quite sure but as of now, I'm having second thoughts and it's irritating because you know you could do nothing to turn back time.

It's a bad habit though.

It's like why would you muse over something in the past?


I really hope I've made a good decision because I'm certain that it was not merely forced by desperation.

Cause you know sometimes when you're in a particular situation where you have limited choices or rather non-existence time/preference to weigh the option, you just sorta choose whatever comes in your mind or sometimes it was solely based on instinct whatsoever.

Oh wait, I don't want to be convinced otherwise. Please kill the thoughts.

Well now that I'm out of the cocoon I really hope, things will gradually get better. Soon. InsyaAllah.

I don't know what's ahead of me but I hope I'm able to embrace it with a smile; new opportunities, new challenges, new environment, new changes and everything.

Let's just face the real world. Holla!!

God, I feel old and matured somehow.

Hahaha. JK.

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