Act in Manners

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is it about people who don’t care?

People who don’t give a hoot to say thank you, to smile or to just care for little things in life.

Call me lame for having such an ancient mind; I do believe people should do it more often in daily life.

What is it about ego that can’t be hindered?

What is it about winning side that can’t be bothered by losing just a little bit?

Just a little bit wouldn’t hurt, mind you. I always find it’s nice for people to
say thank you. A simple thank you note would suffice.
At least, to some people it is.

People actually have the effort to help you, to send you great wishes, to lend you things, to care for you and etc.

What’s so hard to utter the words of gratitude? It could brighten someone’s day. You’ll never know.

I don't know but I'm just really into people who practice common courtesies, proper etiquette etc. 

Good to know my Mark feel the same way. Hahaa.

P/s: Being dorky on the other hand is different with ill-mannered people.

“Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted."
~Og Mandino

"I think sometimes people project things on you, but I'm trying to handle everything that's happened to me with a certain amount of grace, dignity and good manners. You just can't necessarily win all the time."
~Katie Couric

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