Of being a little too nice

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Occasionally, have you ever felt like you're being a little too nice or too kind?

I do.

And sometimes it felt like your kindness has been abused.

You know, like we can simply let things to slide because it's a small matter.

But somehow, the other party usually are seeing things with half-closed eyes. They tend to let things to slide as well.

Some of them are being inconsiderate that they don't value much of your effort to care for them.

But I guess it goes with experiences.

You have to experience the situation for you to be reminded.

Otherwise, your heart is still blind. And you'll never be aware of the risk of hurting others.

Such a sad world.

Even so, there's no concrete reason for us, for me to stop being nice.

Be nice even if you might exhaust yourself. 

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