Sleep Deprivation

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh I’m extremely exhausted but I feel like I wanna write something in here.=]
I have just finished my ADSP exam for today and I thought I was late for my appointment with my lecturer so went to his room but he wasn’t there and asked me to reschedule the meeting tomorrow morning. Sigh.
Then I went back to my room to finish my lab report and assignments. I was actually too tired to finish it so I fell asleep (I barely slept last night as I was busy cramming for exam).
Now at the moment, I have to finish my report and prepare for the presentation tomorrow, not to mention the last exam.
I’m going to have a hell day tomorrow.
1) Morning – I have EMS lab form 8.30am till 12pm
2) Afternoon- I have to present about Surgical Robot and the seminar is up until 5pm
3) Night- I have I&M exam starts at 8pm up till 10pm
4) 10pm onwards – I have DSD discussion for designing combination lock for hotel safe
Well 1+2+3+4 = I’m DEAD..sigh
Hopefully I’m not going to die..haha..Please give me some strength and maybe lot of energy for tomorrow..! Life is hard..=p

I think right after I finish my discussion tomorrow, I'm going to take a serious sleep. At least 24hours of sleeping..nah, that's a total lie.
8 hours of sound and safe sleep is enough for me. By saying sound and safe, I mean sleeping in an air-conditioned room filled with aroma scent + no mosquitoes + no lights on + no phone's vibration + no alarm.
But I have to wait until Saturday to achieve that sound and safe sleep since I'm going back home on Saturday for a break till Tuesday. It's Chinese New Year's Eve, I'm not celebrating it though. But I'm going to do some shopping on weekend. Heeee..=]

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