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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hye All..I know it's been a while since my last post...I don't know but I'm such a busy bee...not really that busy like a Doctor but I'm pretty much busy..I don't really have time to write in here or maybe should I say I'm too tired to write. Gee I always wish I know someone who can reads my mind and jot it down in a book. I'm so lazy right? haha
Last week I've got my result for midterm examination and gosh it was bad! Believe me...
But it was the result of my what below than 50% efforts so I kinda deserved that.
I think I've played too much or maybe I took things for granted. I don't know but something must be wrong somewhere since I'm not this bad..This is bad even for me..Grrr

And usually after I've got bad result, I'll say something like "oh, I have to double my effort and have to study hard right after this" but uh-uh..It doesn't work that way. At least for me, it wasn't. I've tried it before.

I guess I should change my study style or basically just change everything. Well who wants a bad result aite? I don't want my CGPA or GPA to drop this semester. In fact, I want it to increase as much as possible. And I'm only doing Engineering. I always wonder what was it like for Medic students..It must be depressed if you don't have the mood to study but you have piles of books to read..huu..Sounds terrifying.

Btw, I really miss watching movies and give my review about it but hell I have no time for that. My time now is only for attending classes, checking mails, finishing assignments, sleeping, eating and anything that doesn't involve entertainment. How boring.! Years ago I'd die to repeat these kinds of habits everyday but not now..I have no choice but to go with the flow of my life..Ha-ha..LAME!!

So till then, bye peeps..

P/s: I've watched few movies recently but too lazy to make my review..Ha-ha

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