Friday, March 19, 2010

Well I’m a very indecisive as I’m uncertain about almost every decision that I have to make.

Give me something to choose, it will take years (figuratively) for me to finally come out with a decision. It’s like when I have given options I can’t make up my mind right at the time. I have to consider about everything and also other people opinions do influence my decision.

Ask me to choose any meals in the restaurants, I’ll think and think and think till I end up choose anything the person offers me.

Ask me to shop for clothes, I’ll go hunting for my clothes in different stores and I’ll end up choosing nothing. Then I have to go the next day to take anything attracts me in the first place.

Ask me anything that has an option, you’ll end up hating me because I’m indecisive.

However on certain occasion, I can come up with good decision and that is only if I want something so badly that I don’t have to waste my time thinking about it.

p/s: Finish all my classes today..Yippee..Final exam is coming next week..Wish me luck..

~currently listening to Oh Chentaku’s “journey ends nowhere”..

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