The Libertines comeback

Monday, March 29, 2010


Well they've got good, great, awesome, terrific, wonderful, tremendous, splendid (Ignore me..I’m too excited) news..!! Finally after a very long wait, they are going to be together again.
I’ve read that Pete Doherty and Carl Barat's have reportedly signed a deal with promoters to appear at the August event. Voila..I love it!

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A source said the quartet were already thinking beyond the festivals: "If it works out they will consider writing new material.
"The four of them only agreed to it after a secret rehearsal to see if it still worked," they explained.
"Carl is nervous about the reunion because he is worried Pete could let him down again. But Pete's promised he will give his all for the gigs," said the source.

Well I couldn’t express my excitement. I guess I’m too agitated. Well I do hope they’re going to write some new materials. Please, please, please oh pretty please make it happen.

After they split, I love Babyshambles but not too keen with Dirty Pretty Things. You know Pete is like the best when it comes to write music and lyrics but still Carl is the best when it comes to strumming tunes with his guitar. But hey if they’re going to reform The Libertines, that would be super duper great news to all of their fans. And I hope Pete’s going to keep his promises.

I have hunch that this is going to be good. Hopefully they aren't screwing with me about this whole new Libertines comeback thing.

Love you Pete Doherty, Carl Barat, Gary Powell and John Hassall. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

p/s: Carl Ashley Raphael Barat and Peter Doherty, I’d faint if I ever meet u guys..LOL

~currently listening to "What a Waster by The Libertines"..still love em

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