Alice In Wonderland

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I went to watch Alice In Wonderland last Saturday and I didn't watch 3D..gee..I wish I could but the ticket are all sold out whereas I actually arrived at the cinema around 11.30am..I guess they've booked it online..
As you all know I've waited for this movie for quite so long or maybe I've waited too long so I've seem to lost some interests as I didn't find the movie interesting. It lacks of something and I don't know what's that.
This movie is a sequel and it's not a Wonderland anymore but Underland as Alice is now 19 years old.
I still love this Tim Burton's movie, you know I still love the costumes, the graphics and not to mention brilliant actors. Still love Johnny Depp for being crazy as Mad Hatter n also Helena Bonham Carter n Anne Hathaway. Maybe my expectation was too high so I kinda like wanting for some more. When the movie ends I was like "hmm..only this?..I was not satisfied, I want more.!"

But maybe I was wrong because I've read lots of good reviews about this film.

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