Karma ain't a bitch

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well I kinda desert my blog for a while. I’m busy (It’s my overused phrase-->ha-ha). I have final exams. But now I have gap between my 3 coming papers, so I want to write something.

Something happened to me few days ago. First it was my terrible period pain and I did throw out. Then I swallowed some pills (I wanted the pain to go away) and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I realize I had fever. Gosh. It was hard for me since I need to study for my final exam. I have two papers when I had the fever so I didn’t do much of revising the books. The only thing I could do was sleeping and trying my best to recover. Once in a while I do study or maybe cramming for exam. Ah I’ve always cramming for exam. I know it’s not a good way to study but nah, do u dare to tell me any student who has never cramming for exam?? Hehe

Then when I had my first paper (3 hours exam), I haven’t fully recovered from my fever and the exam was held in cold air-conditioned room. Right after I finish my exam, I couldn’t hold myself any longer, I began to tremble. I had terrible headache (Am I sick? I’ve been having headache lately). At the moment, it was raining cats and dog but all of us decided to go back regardless of the raining. As I headed back to my hostel, my headache became worse but I think I’m good enough to walk back and there I continued walking. I even went to buy my early dinner.

In front of my block there’s this huge drain, I knew about this drain (I’ve been staying in the same block since in first semester) but I have no idea how in the hell I fell off the drain. I blamed myself for being too careless but I blamed the headache too. It was painful and I tried my best to stand and walk back to my room. My clothes were all wet since it was raining. I started to burst into crying when I look at my left leg. My knee was torn and it’s not abrasion but something deep than abrasion but still not to the extent that I had to suture the wound. Quarter of my left foot nail was gone and then I had minor scratch everywhere in my left foot. I also had minor wound in my elbow.
Please note that I can’t see anything involve with blood since I’ll feel nausea and sometimes I even faint when I see blood. (How weak right? =c ). I didn’t faint this time but with my headache that’s killing me, I saw my world upside down and I felt nausea so first thing I did was laid down in my bed. After few minutes, I started to look again at my wound then went to clean it. I was crying like a baby. First I was alone at that time, second it was painful and third I felt very unfortunate. You know, with my fever, headache, fell off a drain then I still have exam the next morning. I convinced myself saying this is just another test for me. I have to be patient and stop being such a baby. How about those people who barely survived in an accident? I still can walk with my right foot. I couldn’t move my left knee. I think I might have closed fracture because it was very painful if I move my left foot in the wrong side. Well I hope nothing’s like that.

Even though my house is just miles away from the college, I didn’t go back since I have exam the next day. Usually it takes 5-10 minutes for me to walk from my room to my Engineering Department. But after it happened, it took me 25-30 minutes. I felt so tiny because I always walk fast and sometimes I do get mad at those who walk slowly. I don’t like to walk slowly unless I’m very very tired or I’m walking with oldies. Those who walk slowly usually try to catch up with me and they’ll ask me to slow down. Ha-ha. But now I’ve to walk slowly as it hurts if I move faster.

Karma ain't a bitch, in fact it makes you remember that you ain't perfect. Try to appreciate things you have while you still have it. Believe me; you would cry if you know you aren’t going to get it back. =]

p/s: now I'm home and it's good to be home!

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