Je suis amoureuse

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's so fun doing this one.

Anyway that's one hell of a snapshot of what combines myself. Hahaha. Kidding.

I took the quiz from here. It's cool, isn't it?!(^_^)

Friendship Bracelet

Your buddies will be overjoyed to learn that you've drawn the Friendship Bracelet. It stands for sociability and your talent for making each friend, online and off, feel special. So very special.

Statue of Liberty

Quick: look out your window. Any purple mountains' majesty? Amber waves of grain? We wouldn't be surprised, because you're in the U-S-A!

Toy Robot

Hello intrepid Firefox 3 user! You’ve been with us for a long time, and we’re excited to share Firefox 4 with you. Until then, accept this trusty robot as a symbol of our appreciation.


A symbol of risk and reward! You're no stranger to chance, to taking a walk on the 20-sided dark side. In the game of life, you're +10 Geekiness.

Car Magazine

You are the Gear Head — mark of those who know their limited-slip differential from their throttle body. You get all revved up at the sound of a big V8, and the smell of burning rubber brings a wistful tear to your eye.

MP3 Player

You're nothing if not a completist, and you like to take it with you. Compact, concise and in control, you are master of your musical domain. Mp3, WMA, FLAC — Rock accordingly.


Let's go! You're not one to sit around; you like the active, positive and healthful, in body mind and spirit. And you have the sweaty wrists to prove it.

Friendship Pin

The Friendship Pin — an unbreakable bond between you and your BFF. It shows you are loyal, willing to wear your love on your sleeve (or sneaker).

Tarot card

Aha, The Magician! You possess unusual powers, and can conjure up the truth from any situation. Also, you can turn the world on with your smile.


The adhesive bandage — mark of The Healer. You seek the perfection of the human form, or at least one less headache.


Wield the tools to make it yours, for you are unique — and your browser can reflect that.

Business Card

The mark of the professional — you've defined yourself in the business world, and earned a fancy title for your efforts.

Pocket Knife

The Pocket Knife — small, versatile, and just a little bit dangerous. It is your symbol because you are resourceful, and sharp, and you know how to fold yourself.


Here's another one but this one is created with my second option for the quiz. Haha xD

USB Drive

Technology lives to serve, and you like your information portable, pocketable and sharable. That's how data becomes action, and gadgets become essential.

Date Book

You know what's next; you have it all written down in your date book -the symbol of The Organizer. You're the one we turn to when we are in doubt, for you hold the answers.


The symbol of unpretentious creativity and art. You are almost certainly imbued with a child-like curiosity and an unfettered imagination, enjoy self expression and bright colors. You are child-like, or may actually be a child.


As easy as clapping on a light, it's what you've been waiting for — the one-click bookmark. Don't you have enough to do without having to suffer the indignity of multiple clicks?

Knitting Needles

Ancient symbol of self-reliance, the Knitting Needle stands for your expressive individuality in the face of commercialism. With your own hands you create that which you desire, and make it purely your own.

Android Smartphone

For you, the Internet cannot be contained to a desk or a cafe. You carry it with you, not a place you go, but a tool you use. This is your Swiss Army Knife™.

Pepper Spray

You can hope to ward off evil with a rabbit's foot, or you can be more proactive. You're the pragmatist — you own your destiny, control your security and know the value of self-defense.

Transit Pass

The symbol of travel, of paths taken and untaken, of sleeping upright in a middle seat. You are The Traveler.


Mystery, science, adventure — these aspects of your character are embodied in your symbol — The Gyroscope. You have the unique ability to remain calm and steady as the world spins around you. Maybe you even know how to pirouette.

Silly Band

You have a bright outlook, flexible attitude, and a kooky sense of aesthetics. You're probably the type of person that appreciates the use of the word 'kooky'.


You like to set a course for adventure, your mind on a new experience. Your treasured memories are your reward. Therefore you richly deserve The Nautilus!


You have drawn the Mark of the Connection; Active, strong and reliable — that's you. People count on you to keep grounded at all times, even up in the air.

Eye Drops

This vessel of curative liquid is your symbol, o power user! You are clear of vision, attack a problem at its source, and at the ready. You probably spend a lot of time staring at a screen, too.

Buddha Statue

Infinite kindness and fortune, they smile upon you. You're searches lead you to answers, and you're feeling lucky.

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