Hit Me Like A Man

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's the title of the latest EP from The Pretty Reckless.

Well I love them and I didn't know they released a new EP up till today.

I was watching Yuna's US debut album preview by Perez Hilton in Youtube and I stumbled upon the preview of Hit Me Like A Man by The Pretty Reckless.

Taylor is just freaking amazing especially live. I wrote about her before.

She has this amazing voice.

I've listened to the whole EP and it's pretty rad..!!

I love Under The Water and Cold-Blooded.

I think The Pretty Reckless is underrated. Come on, this is such a good band.

But then again, people don't really like this kind of music.

I love them anyway. I just have a slight problem with her racy image. Other than that, I'm fine with it.

I even love their cover version of Like A Stone (Audioslave), Aerials (SOAD), Wonderwall (Oasis), and Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes).

I'm a bit bias knowing the fact that they have covered  most of my favorite songs. Hahaa


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