goodbye Mr. Holiday..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today will be the last day of my holiday. Oh Mr. Holiday, I’m going to miss you. Really miss you. I have my classes as usual starting tomorrow and lots of assignments coming up, to be added with unfinished assignments. Huu.

By the way, last few days I went to the beach for holiday. I had fun with my families and all my cousins. Well you know it was always fun to watch the waves as it hits the shore and we did enjoy a good barbecue. However, there was this one thing annoyed us. When we were playing ball, kites and some of us were happily swimming in the sea, there was this one “not-so-bright” guy came with his fierce-looking bulldog. He was completely out of his mind to actually take his dog into the sea. Euw..please..! It’s a big no-no to bring your dog to the beach and into the sea? Come on? My cousins and some of the people who were already swimming in the sea were so furious and they had to leave as this guy did not want to leave. He was so cold and I think he’s not even local. He did it on purpose because there are lots of other spaces in the sea but he still wanted to come to a place where there’s a crowd of people. I don’t want to say he’s stupid but he has no manners at all. That’s for sure.

New TV series: Melrose Place and The Beautiful Life

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hurmm I watched these new TV series from The CW.


Melrose Place 2.0 which is the remake of the Melrose Place. The series is quite interesting. I reckon it is because of the good acting, good storyline and nice songs as well. Katie Cassidy and Stephanie Jacobsen are good. But not Ashlee Simpson! she's so stiff and can't act. That one's pretty obvious.


The Beautiful life revolves around a group of models living together in a co-ed residence in New York starring Mischa Barton, Sara Paxton, Corbin Bleu, Elle Macpherson and many more. I wasn't really sold watching the series. It may looks like it's going to be a hit but I personally don't think so. It lacks something and I don't even know what is that something. Haha. But I miss watching Mischa Barton so I'm going to follow it anyway. I love watching her in The O.C so I'm going to give it a try.

The Vampire Diaries

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've just watched 2 episodes of The Vampire Diaries. I'm not sure what to say whether I like this series or not. Well obviously I've been a fan of vampires but the series is quite typical. You know sort of like Twilight, and there are lots of cliché scripts in the series. If I say I did not like it would be a lie because I do want to know what is next for the coming episodes. However, the acting was not so good with the cliché scripts and all. Still I'm hooked on it since its TV series. I wanted to know the ending. To compare it with True Blood, I must say True Blood is more like an adult-vampire stories that has good plot, good storyline but in certain parts (only certain parts!) the show was a bit stupid. The Vampire Diaries on the other hand is so Twilight which is for teenagers who wanted to see lovey-dovey relationship between vampire and human. I don't know about the book because I haven't read the books but if the scene where Stefan and Elena on the bridge are talking where something happens to his eyes isn't from the book then it's so Twilight. Lots of parts were so much like Twilight so those parts weren't so interesting at all. The only thing I like is the soundtrack but yeah I'll keep watching it anyway. I love this one particular song by The All American Rejects. Well I'm not really into them but the song is great, the lyric's awesome. I also love Placebo, Running Up That Hill because I'm a huge fan of Placebo so there's no question why I like the song.">

Other songs I like from the two episodes:
Gravity by Sara Bareilles--> the lyric's great..">
Help I'm Alive by Metric">

Here is the song Back To Me by The All American Rejects:

Hey you
So you never really found your way
Stay true
Did you ever make it through today

That when I think about a day without it
Everydays the same
You wish that you could find someone
But Im the only one to blame

Cant you see
I beg and plead
Cause when your eyes light up the skies at night
I know youre gonna find your way back to me

No dont
Dont you ever let a piece of me down
Cause time wont
Get back when Im never around

When we live between so many walls
That I can barely breathe
You say that you just want someone
But Im the only one you need

Cant you see
I Beg and plead
Cause when your eyes light up the skies at night
I know youre gonna find your way

If its me
That you dont need
When the lights go out tonight I know
Youre never gonna find your way

Soon when I get you I wont let you go
Oooh if I let you
You can take away all that I thought was wrong
And if you hear me theres not much to say
Theres gotta be a better way

Cant you see
I beg and plead
Cause when your eyes light up the sky tonight
I know youre going to find your way back to me

Cant you see
I beg and plead
Cause when the lights go out tonight
I know youre never gonna find your way

If its me
That you dont need
That when the lights go out tonight
I know youre never gonna find you way
If you pace around the world 'til you're with me
And when your eyes light up the skies at night
I know youre gonna find your way back to me

Heroes Volume 5: Redemption

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yeah..I know..All of you already watched it right? I wanted to put it so let it be.
I'm super excited for the volume 5 despite all the criticism I wrote about last season. Seeing the trailer, it looks like they have new group right? It's the Carnival which is the opposite of what the Company was. They wanted people to know about the ability and power. Now Sylar is in Nathan's body..Urghh I guess this is what makes it interesting..and the rest we'll just have to wait until 22nd September 2009. We'll know about it. And I really wanted to see some characters develop into something new. Let's just wait for it. =]

Finally I'm back..

It has been quite a while since I last checked my blog..I'm really sorry..I had to deal with several things..I have exams, assignments and I have to wait till I get my laptop back. Then I had to stay away from the internet for a while to make sure that I have a good firewall, anti-spyware, antivirus and etc. I didn't want to risk my laptop to being attacked with viruses again. I'm done with that. It was so fucked up that I couldn't switch on my laptop when I have tons of assignments to do. =[ Let's just forget about that.

Now I'm going to talk about TV series. Yeah..! I'm currently on 2 weeks holiday, so Happy Holiday for me..I have few assignments to be submitted after holiday. You know the lecturers; they won't let us to have free perfect holiday..=[ But I'm not going to think about work for a while..Ha-ha..
Well I'm currently watching all new episode of new season of almost every TV series. Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill, and the latest one Vampire Diaries. Let me talk about it one by one.
First one is Gossip Girl. Oo I still love Chuck and Blair. They're becoming sweeter and crazier than ever. I really hope they will be more like that throughout the whole season. Serena?! I don't know what's going on with her trying to get her dad's attention and all other stuff. Still she’s the heart of the gossip girl. haha

For 90210, I don't know but for some weird reason I do pity Annie. Honestly, I'm not really into her and I think she's the most annoying character but somehow I do pity her in this season since I think Naomi would go further to humiliate her..I don't know..Maybe something like publishing Annie's naked pics.. nah I have to wait for 2nd eps.

For One Tree Hill, ooohh the series has been going on for so long! If it's not for Brooke, I don't think I would go and follow the series again. Thank goodness that Brooke and Julian have become closer in a relationship, and that's a good thing. It's been a long time since Brooke had a good relationship.

For Vampire Diaries, I've gotta say this series is a bit typical. You know nowadays there are lots of vampire based story but it keeps getting interesting. Perhaps it's because of my growing love for vampire. Ahh..Wuteve..

Lastly, I'm waiting for Heroes Volume 5: Redemption.

a quick update

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm really sorry for not updating my blog..My laptop was infected by some Trojans so I had to deal with it..Tried to clean it myself but did not went to send my laptop to the experts..I'll be back soon when everything is clear and fine..I hate to lose my data and I hate being far away from my lappy..huu..I really need it but I have to be I'm on hiatus for a while..daa