Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm on my holiday right now. But I don't do anything much. It's the same thing every single day; being lazy, sleeping, watching movies, watching football matches, eating, hanging out with my family + cousins + friends, checking my emails, helping my mom, worrying and thinking before I fall asleep, and yada yada yada.. It's boring. Haha. But I don't hate it, not even for a single day. =)

I wanted to go have fun at any Island but no ones seems eager to go with me. I wish my parents would let me go travel alone. That would be perfect.

But nah, the idea of letting their only daughter to travel alone is scary enough for them. I really wanna go travel alone, not just in Malaysia, but any other countries. But they won't let me go travel alone, not even in any Island in here or nearest country like Indonesia, Australia, Japan etc.

Sooner or later, I'm gonna go travel alone, at least once in my life. I think if I'm working, my parents would let me do so. Hopefully. ;)

This holiday I have this urge to go swimming but nah, I don't like a swimming pool that's way too open or maybe having too many crowd. I love going to a rooftop swimming pool but it's hard to find one. I found it once and trust me it's so lovely. How I wish I have a swimming pool in my house so that whenever I'm in trouble, I could jump in the pool and try to clear my mind.

Besides, I've been thinking about everything lately. I don't know. My result, my internship, my future, my life and just everything. I'm gonna do my internship next year and yet to have any offer. We were allowed to apply for 5 companies first and out of 5, I only applied to 3. Since 2 of the companies I've applied already moved, my documents were sent back to me. I'm not eager to find their new address. Whatever. I think I have to apply to another 2 companies later. Later..

Then I've been thinking about my result as well since you know 2 of my exams were not that good. One of them is my killer subject. That's what I think. Blergh..

How I wish I have genius mind that I will always have the good results without doing anything much. You know, there are those people who are gifted. They don't even have to study hard but they will always get a good result no matter what. That's their gift. They're so lucky. But I do believe everyone has their own gift. Some people excel in maths, some in science, some in music, cooking and the list goes on and on. ;) and for one to be able to succeed in their life, one still have to go through a mountain of hardship.

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