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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Recently I’ve watched The Social Network. Well I’m not sure how should I put it. Is it good enough for me to rate the movie 9/10 or is it just another typical biography movie that showed us how bad is Mark Zuckerberg. Hmm I think neither one of those. It’s like in the middle of those two. The cinematography is good, the acting and script are good too. But I can’t say that it’s so good that I'd rate it 9/10. I really like biography movies like ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Schindler’s List’ and etc because you get to know about their life. And usually after I’ve watched the movie, I went googling to see how far the truth about the movie is. And I did it for The Social Network. As I expected, the movie was not entirely true. But yeah it’s their movie so they can change whatever they want or add something to spice up the story a little bit. This movie is based on a biographic novel ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ by Ben Mezrich.

According to this movie, Mark Zuckerberg wants to go the Final Clubs but in real life, he said he has no intention of getting himself into the Final Clubs. In this movie, Mark is so into Erica Albright, his college girlfriend until the last whereas in real life, in sophomore year, Mark is dating Priscilla Chan up until now. There is also something at the end in the part where Mark is seen trying to add Erica Albright and he hits the refresh button like every 5 seconds. In real life, Mark has unlimited access to anyone’s account on Facebook and he can’t be ‘unfriended’. But maybe he’s being polite so he sent a request to befriend with Erica. There’s also mentioned that Mark is gaining popularity alongside a movie star who attended Harvard at that time too. The movie star’s name is never mentioned but it is said to be Natalie Portman. She enrolled in Harvard and graduated in 2003.

I don’t like the ending as well. It was like you have this story and all of a sudden, there is an ending. I mean like the ending came out of nowhere. Maybe it’s just me. Haha.

By the way, I don’t have a facebook account and even after watching the movie, I still don’t have a facebook account. It didn’t strike me yet to have one. I know it is a great social connector but still I’m not gonna make one yet. Maybe I will soon after I finish my studies. I have my own reason why I don’t wanna make one yet. Maybe I’ll blog about it or maybe not.

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J+ said...

I thought this was an awesome movie from start to finish. You have some interesting comments, especially the one about him being friends with Natalie Portman. I never knew that!

This movie could have gone on forever so I think they just needed to stop it somewhere, but yea I agree it wasn't a clean ending.

Maraihanneiey Ferguson said...

duh, social network buhsan..sebab aku menyampah dengan facebook hahahh.

whibley said...

@Maraihanneiey Ferguson: Hahah..well aku xde facebook. tp social network ni xd la best sgt pn yg org beriya ckp best gile.

whibley said...

@J: Yeah..They need to stop it somewhere but ugh,that is one of a sudden ending if there's something like that. Haha. =)