Keeping Myself On Track

Friday, January 7, 2011

I haven't got the chance to blog about this new year. Well nothing seems to change that much. Haha. I'm now 23 but yeah not officially. My life has been busier too! I don't really write resolution for every new year, I keep it only in my mind. Like everyone, I do wanna achieve those too!

For this semester, I have few projects needed to be done:

1)Automatic Cat Feeder

2)FYP 1 project

3)Medication Reminder

4)Fire Fighting Robot

I'll blog about it only if I finish doing it.

Every night, I'll go to lab, spending time finishing our project. I'm taking Mandarin language too.

I hope I can survive this semester. Besides, there's always a reason why we do have 24 hours each day. =)

Lately I can't take spicy foods anymore due to my gastric problem. That is sad considering I love spicy foods. Haha!

The weather is not good too. But I kinda enjoy the breeziness. =)

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