Expired Pill

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Is it okay to take pills past the expiration date? I wonder...

I've been taking Executive B every single day since..well I can't remember! I'm not someone who likes to take pills but this one is an exception. Well of course it's because my mom successfully persuaded me or maybe convinced me to take the pills everyday. In fact, she bought it for me as she said it's good to meet my busy daily requirements. Whatever.

And I also have this habit not to constantly check expiration date. You have to constantly check it because at this occasion, I kinda regret for not doing so. Dang.

Usually I wake up late so I kinda grab whatever I need and quickly swallow one pill for each day(except weekend) until today.

Today I kinda feel like looking all over the bottle and I did till I saw EXP DATE: OCT 2010. Gosh, it was like the image has been magnified.

Honestly, I'm quite scared considering I've been taking it for few months after the expiration date. I even googled is it safe or not to take the expired pills?

The answer is NO. But maybe on some rare cases, it is acceptable, no harm trying. And yeah I'm still breathing BTW. Hahaha. (-_^)

Why NO? First of all, the pills are already expired. There is a reason why the company put the manufacturing and expiration date. They actually tell us how long the drugs can be expected to be effective. After the expiration date, it does not mean that the drugs will become poisonous or something, but the effectiveness is no longer guaranteed.

And of course after the expiration date, the drug starts to deteriorate and possibly forming into another kind of chemical form that will harm our body. We will never know, do we?

It is just a safe precaution not to take expired pills. Besides, who would suggest you to take expired pills? Haha. I'm just saying that all of us need to be more aware of whatever we take. Don't just take it blindly. *cough cough* Don't be like me..=(

You have to check the expiration date and such. =)

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