Missing Book

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I just got my text book on Monday. I don't even realize my book is missing up until today.

Today is public holiday and I've a got a little free time. So I've decided to study for my upcoming quiz, I looked at my shelf, gahhh..No Power Electronics book. DANG..!!!

I kinda freaked out for like a few minutes. I searched for it the entire room but didn't see it. The book is so thick, you can obviously see it from afar. But no sign of the book.

I text-ed my friend asking if we did go somewhere after our consultation with our FYP supervisor since I remember the last time I had the book was the time we're still in his room.
But the answer is no, so I think I might left my book at kiosk or maybe cafe. I'm not sure though.

By the time I realize it, it was raining cats n dogs, as I said before, I only panicked for like a few minutes. Haha. It's not that I don't care but since it's raining I've decided to take a nap for a while before I go to search for the book.

After 1 hour, I went downstairs straight to kiosk and asked the cashier if she has seen a huge blue book written Power Electronics, I might left it there. She said the only book left here is red text book from LAW Department or something.

I asked her again and even did tell her that I left it since last Monday. Fortunately, she said she has seen it outside the kiosk. Gosh, they just left my book outside!!

Never mind though, as long as I found my book, the rest no longer matters.

Thank God, if you lost something in campus it doesn't go disappear just like that. I'm thankful for that.

I think I've been ignorant lately. How could you possibly leave your text book just like that?

Dang. Someone needs to be more aware of the surrounding and everything. =)

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