I'm officially 22.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It’s my birthday. I’m officially 22. Well it does sound old to me. I’m feeling old. Sigh.

When I was a kid, I always dream to be an adult seeing how cool adult was back then.
You know adult get to do their own things, to drive alone, to go shopping alone, and to be able to cook, to be able to choose their own style and sorts.

But now at the time being, I miss being a child. You know we get to whine and cry if we didn’t get what we want, but if you’re an adult you’ll be blamed for not trying harder to get what you want or if you whine people will think of you as a loser. It’s pathetic.

Sometimes I miss being 15 but actually I don’t. It’s just an excuse for me to avoid being in this adult world. You know sometimes you say you miss being 15, 16 or whatever age, but then looking back at the time when you were 15, life wasn’t that good. At least for me, it wasn’t that good.

Being an adult means having more responsibilities. You have to be mature as one step further determines your future. Any steps you make, it’s going to make a small or big impact in your life.

But still you have to lead your own life, who would lead it for you? Do you trust your friend more than you trust yourself?

A word of advice, don’t trust anyone more than you trust yourself. You know as they say trust but verify.

I’m 22 but hell I think I have a 40 year-old soul inside. Ha Ha. You know back years ago when I was a teenager (oh wait, I still am. Am I? xD), I love to go to concerts, going out and come back late at night, I love seeing people play skateboards, I love getting to know people in any way I could engage myself into and bla bla. You know things people do in their growing-up phase.

But now, I don’t go to concerts anymore (rarely), I hate coming back late at night (If possible, I avoid going out at night), I enjoy seeing people baking, I don’t really like to know people anymore. It’s like I’m 40 years old. I’m not having fun. I’m only 22 for God’s sake. Sometimes I do wish I’m as wild and open as ***** (Insert your idol’s name).

I wish to be more casual-minded, open-minded but it’s just not who I am anymore. Damn. I’m still young. Can you imagine how would I be when I’m really 40? Ugh. Please. I hope I’m not regretting any of these.

It’s my birthday and I just want to thank my parents for having me in their life. I may not be the greatest daughter but believe me, I’m trying my very best to be one. They have raised me well, they taught me well and it never occurred to me to forget how much they love me and how much I love them.

P/s : They say live your life to the fullest and never regret your past.
And infinite thanks for the wishes, gifts and treats. I had a blast birthday. It was fun. Thanks girls. Love you guys. Thanks to my family for the cakes and gifts too. =]

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