No Ordinary Thing

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've been looking for their song like forever. I've listened to one of their song once in someone's blog. I didn't remember the title of the song which makes me cringe the most. All I know I've got the mp3 version of the song in my laptop. You know you can download the mp3 automatically with IDM.
I know the artist and the title of the song once I've downloaded it. Keep listening to their song for the whole day. Next thing I knew my laptop got infected with virus and couldn't open it (Remember my post about it, no?). The question is why I couldn't remember the simple title and artist's name?? Well maybe the idea of hearing and having only one song doesn't trigger my sense to remember it, no?!.

I had to format my laptop and there goes all my recently downloaded files. I couldn't restore it back (only some of it). Thanks to the genius-me to keep defrag my drives. According to IT forum I've read, once you defrag the drive, it'll store your files neatly. It's like re-write or re-locate the new data and yada yada. Something like know cleaning and arranging your files and data. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Whatever. The thing is I've lost the mp3 and I remember nothing about the title.
All I know is part of the lyric says 'Absence makes your heart grow fonder'.
Well I'm googling like mad (maybe no) hoping to find something similar but to no avail.
I've never found the song up till today.

Finally I found it and there I realize the lyric actually says 'Absence makes her heart grow fonder'.
It took me quite a bit to find the exact song. Well I could have search properly but I didn't.

Here's the song. You've got to love it, mannn. The band is called Opshop from New Zealand. Mind you, I've never heard this song playing in my country so it's kinda hard to search for it by only remembering the one line lyric and rhythm.
I tried to sing it to few friends but no one's ever heard of it. Damn. You know it suck when the music keep playing in your head but you don't know where to find it. Grr.
So enjoy the song, ONE DAY. oh NO ORDINARY THING is cool too.



p/s: I love the song. If you hate it, say nothing. Thanks =]
If you love them, try check out other songs as well.
I know I was so last season. UGH.

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