Engagement and Love.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today one of my good friends is getting engaged. I'm so happy for her since you know she had long distance relationship with her then boyfriend and managed to survive it and now they're engaged and soon to be married. Of course! =) I think they're one hell of a sweet couple. I'm happy for her.

I went to her engagement ceremony and it got me thinking that I have a very long way to go before I can think about all these stuffs. Since you know, I've been single for quite a long time. I've had few boyfriends before but I've never really fell in love with them. No offense to my exes, I did like them before but not fell in love. So I guess I'm still waiting for the right one to come. Ugh, it sounds so cheesy and lame. But can't deny it, it's the truth. But I don't think about it that hard, finishing my studies is still my top priority.

I've known some people who like me and even some of my friends tried to hook me up with their friends but it didn't work that way. I don't know. I don't really like that kind of idea. I believe that everyone has their partner, and it's just a matter of time till you found the right one. I want someone who came by accident and not planned and he'll stay true to everything till the last. Ugh, again. It sounds reallllyyyy cheesy and lame. Whatever. That's what my heart says. Haha.

But you know like everyone, I still have my own set of criteria of my so-called Mr. Right guy. Haha. xD

Here are some of them:

-Someone who can guide me: well this is important since you know, I'm not a good person myself so I need someone who can guide me to the right way whatever that means.

-Someone who is smart and independent: Smart is the new hot. Being hot alone is not enough. Neither that being hot is necessary. I just want someone who's smart to handle himself, to handle me, family and independent enough to handle everything. And he needs to be able to make choices, decision since I don't want someone who will rely 90% on his wife's decision. I mean you are a guy so you should be able to make wise decision and etc but you would still hear your wife's opinion. That's enough.

-Someone who has passion for sports: Hurmm this is not necessary but come on, I am a huge supporter of football so if he doesn't like football, he should at least like something else like Tennis, Basketball or anything. I once dated a guy who doesn't like sports at all. It was boring. Trust me. But then, my uncle who is a programmer is still super cool even though he's not into sports. Well in that case, it is acceptable. Haha.

Well these are the major things I guess. Other thing is not that important or maybe is left only for me to know. =)

But I know, we can only have these criteria only in our minds since love knows no boundaries. When it happens, you no longer care if he is the perfect fit or not. Besides, I've been taught in one of my ethics class or something, that we can't really be choosy when it comes to the matter of choosing our partners since everyone is not perfect. We can't choose someone who's like our alter ego to be our partner. We just have to accept everything; be it bad or good thing that he/she has and try to be better together. Just like this one quote "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best"

As long as he's someone reliable to you, someone you can trust, the rest is no longer important.

Trust is not a super hat that you can put to just anyone. This special hat has its special aura that only you know the owner. =)

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