Closing the gap

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hoyeah. We're closing the gap to 7 points, behind Manchester United.

It's been a while. I'm glad that we've won the match although it was just against Blackpool. No offense, but Blackpool seemed to be out-of-form. And if it were up to me, I think we could have get more than 3 goals actually. Anyhow, I love seeing Lehmann and Fabregas back on the field. Jens Lehmann was there as a late replacement for injured Almunia. He was injured during the warm-up session. And for our captain, Fabregas, kudos to him as he was the man of the match. Whatever it is, that 3 points are precious at this point. Carling Cup's and FA Cup's are all gone.

I guess we need to win the next match against Liverpool for us to still be racing for this title.

On the other hand, I felt so silly tonight. I left my keys back at home (I came back to campus), thus I have no keys to my locker and my room. Hiyya.. *___* Tomorrow, I need to go back and get my keys.

P/s: I'm proud to wear my Arsenal jersey tonight. ^_^

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Apron said...

Another great article. I like that you are very honest and direct to the point.

whibley said...

@Apron: Hey thanks for the lovely comment. ;)