Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm now on my 5 months semester break, but 3 months is for internship and that leaves only 2 months for real holiday. My internship starting this coming Monday, and truth be told, I'm scared to begin the internship. I mean I've learned the theories for what, 4 years and counting, and now it's a real chance for me to be exposed in the working environment, doing the practical things but yeah, it's somehow intimidating. But I hope everything will be fine and dandy, I've been beating my brain's out thinking about this one. Just do my best, let God do the rest. ;)

Since I'm on my holiday, I've made a list of things I should do or should give it a try, at the very least. Here comes

  • To hone my skills in cooking. I want to learn how to cook for real (I can cook a little bit). I love baking but not cooking. I prefer to think cooking is somewhat difficult. However, I still need to learn to cook if I were to be an independent woman soon.
  • To watch some of the Korean variety shows given by my dear friend. I've put it on hold for ages since I'm not really into Korean plus with time limitation. Now that I have some free time, there's no excuse. Even if I'm not into Korean stuff, I should watch it. I've no restriction whatsoever on which shows should I watch. I can't limit my mind to certain things only, I have to be open to anything. ;)
  • To widen my set of friends. I love making friends in any way I could engage. I love knowing people from different backgrounds, love hearing other people's opinions and etc. I certainly don't mind to befriend just anybody. I don't choose my friend, anyone can be my friend.
  • Need to go for a shopping therapy.
  • Need to jump into being the bookworm again. Last time I had a good piece of reading was back years ago when I was 13/14 years old. So long! I'm taking suggestions from my dear friends albeit I want something by Lemony Snicket or maybe something motivational. I already went to few bookstores checking few books but yeah, the book that I want was not in the store. ;( NVM
  • Need to spend some quality time with my family and friends. Learn to appreciate them every single day.
  • Need to play the role of an accountant. I need to save some money for my future. Oh it sounded so wrong. But yeah, that's the bitter truth.
  • I'm thinking of tutoring my little brother. He had been diagnosed to have dyslexia. Having said that, he has some learning problems and yes, he ain't Einstein (He is known to have dyslexia too). In my previous attempt of tutoring him, he ended up hating me since I'm very strict. Haha
  • I'm thinking of creating my own FB account. Well I still don't like the idea of owning a FB account but I guess I don't have a choice. Too many people rely on FB; my friends and my family. As a matter of fact, I feel like I've missed out on some things just because I don't have FB. I don't mind about the gossips bulletin but I do mind about not getting an invitation to a wedding party just because I don't have FB. Besides there are too many people who urge me to create one. Funny,they even offered to create it for me.
  • To brush up my piano skills, again. I want to learn new song and try to memorize it.
  • To go for a holiday with my friends. Maybe opt for a beach getaway.
For now, I guess that's all. I'm not entirely sure if I have time to do all of them, but yeah I'll make some time. ;)

3 response(s):

Izzah Radin said...

me too.. seram sejuk rasa nk internship nnt. hehe.. jumpa kt shell nnt v(^_^) insyaAllah

niway duk PD nnt hr2 bley g mandi laut. hehe

whibley said...

@Izzah Radin : Kan? cuak la..Yeahh..jumpa sane. ;)

Unknown said...

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