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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Okay so here are couple of videos uploaded on Youtube, the rest you can search on Youtube. BTW, I've downloaded the full web cast of The Strokes' performance and I keep playing it on the loop. Mann, I can't get over it. Still can't. That's too bad, no?! Well they were too awesome. (Being an avid fan is tiring huh?! xD)

In fact, I'm planning to change my last name to Casablancas, no longer Doherty, or even Whibley. haha. Kidding. It's not even mine. xD

And here's the complete list of songs they've played from first to the last. :)

There are many people admiring The Strokes, and she's one of the many. She wanted to see Coachella Live. She told herself "I Can't Win" with so many people. Nevertheless, she's not gonna give up. Why would she? Jules, Albert,Nick and Niko are effing cool. They make her heart thumping like a drum every time she sees them. It's Hard To Explain. They played Under Cover of Darkness and NYC Cops so good that she thought to herself to keep up with the Games, not a chance to give up! She even made a promise, Someday she will go to their concert. She wanted to yell "Oh Jules, You're So Right in The Modern Age."
She effing need to see them live since she knows You Only Live Once. No, she's not Taken For A Fool for not being able to drop her Juicebox while watching them. She's flabbergasted and she's not even Under Control, she's out of control. It is indeed a Gratisfaction. She was closed to becoming a Reptilia for being so wild Last Night. Well thanks a bunch to the uber-cool band, The Strokes for every momentous moments in her life. Even with some flaws, she's grateful for the memories, and yes no choices left, she should either Take It or Leave It.

Here are some of the colored images, again courtesy of suckitandseeat1251

A confession: I've never like anything with leopard prints. A satin leopard prints? That's a big no-no for me, but damn, he's killing it with this one. Nick Valensi, you're the man. Oh well he paired it with Converse.

One thing about Coachella, I missed watching The Kills live, but thanks to Youtube, I've watched their performance. I love VV. She's getting better and better. Their opening with 'No Wow' wow-ed me.

Anyway, some people have been asking me about Arctic Monkeys' official music video for 'Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair'. Well I must say the music video is great. After a few listens, I can now say I like the song. Maybe the video did put some weight into it. Somehow the lighting fit perfectly with the melody etc. I'm serious. Watch it.

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