Last Night

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last night, I talked to my dear friend and surprisingly we may have talked a bit too much. I'm surprised at how much I'm able to open up and share it with F. If you're reading this, just don't bother to say anything okay.

We met regularly, of course F is my classmate. But we have never really talked about it. I mean it's not something I would go tell or share with just anybody. But I wonder why I did it yesterday. It wasn't a slip of tongue and definitely not something I've prepared. Only few people knew about it. But I'm glad that I talked to F about everything, things that bothered me, uncertain things, and etc. We talked a lot up until 4am, it felt like my Pandora's box is now wide open and yes, F did give an advice to me, that if I ever feel uncertain about something, do pray and keep on praying to strengthen my faith. F said that one's faith is not constant, it keeps on changing. I got a lot from F and I thank F for giving me such advices. May Allah bless you. :)

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