Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear void again,

I'm not in a good mood lately. PMS might be one of the reasons. I tend to think a lot about small little things in my life. Things about tomorrow, days to come, my future, my life and so on.

A lot of things keep me up at night. All of a sudden, I miss my late chipmunk, I miss A,B,C up till Z. I just miss everyone.

I'm trying my best to stir my mind for a special kind of recipe, for something less puzzling. But nah, it failed. Still, I've been wondering about a lot of things.

How could I please everyone? I'm just a normal human being with no special power whatsoever.

How to be a better version of myself? I'm not a good person myself. I have sinned, I have flaws. But there's always a reminder for me. But sometimes even a reminder didn't ring a bell to my ears. ;(

We are forgetful. Always have been.

As of today,

I tend to forget how to stop punishing people...

I tend to forget how to stop killing people with my jokes...

I tend to forget how to conceal my thoughts, my feelings etc...

It felt like I've talked too much. Nonsensical..!!

Nonetheless, I do try my best to be nice with everyone. But you know, people, some of them are just plain weird. They don't even know that heart is a fragile organ. Sigh.

I need a distraction dear void. Mr. Cerebellum needs a rest.

P/s: Blame the hormone for such a doleful climate.

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