X-men First Class

Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Last night, me and my friend went to watch this film. Right after work, went home for a quick shower then off to the cinema. We hadn't eaten anything for dinner, thus we bought sweet corns and popcorn to minimize our hunger pangs. I was quite disappointed with the seller.

I ordered a mineral water along with all the meals and I was certain I saw he entered the price of mineral water in the cash register. But when he gave me my sweet corns and pop corn, politely I asked for my mineral water. He said that I didn't say anything about mineral water and that one wasn't included in the bills, so he asked me to pay some more for mineral water. I was shocked and told him, "how could you forget about mineral water?" and quickly gave him some more money.

I didn't want to cause any chaos there as I wasn't in the mood to talk at all, I wanted to say different things and it seemed like different words came out. I guess that was his sustenance. NVM. But I was disappointed considering dishonest people are everywhere. Sigh.

Okay back to the film. At first, it was a bit slow for the characters to develop and less actions but it's understandable since this is a prequel, so the focus should be more on how the characters evolved and the strong bonding between Magneto and Charles Xavier.

This film is adapted from the comic books and yes, I didn't read it. But trust me, even for general audience like me, I honestly think it was a solid movie. But hey I did watch all of the X-men trilogies;X-men, X2, X-men: The Last Stand and last one, X-men Origins: Wolverine. The only less exciting about this film is the CGI parts as some of them looked very much unreal to me. Oh I think there were some lame scripts as well but nah, you won't be bothered by it.

The acting is superb. Everyone did a good job in portraying their characters and the flow of the story was well-related to the previous installments. It was awesome for a prequel.

James Mcavoy as young Prof. Charles Xavier is exceptional. Charles Xavier is seen to be quite of a laid-back type of person with a very gentleman way of speaking in previous installments. And James Mcavoy did exactly the same thing. In short, he is everything you would expect a young Xavier to be. I've always love his acting. Remember him in Becoming Jane and Atonement? He's a good actor. No doubt about it.

Not to forget Micheal Fassbender as young Magneto. He nailed it. Fassbender and Mcavoy, they have a strong chemistry which led to a brilliant performance. And kudos to all of the supporting actors. I just love seeing how things started at the beginning, how did they end up being together, how did they separate being rival and etc. There's nothing new on the side and it was driven the right way just as I expected it.

The pace of the movie was not too slow, nor it was too fast. It was just right in between, as a matter of fact I didn't realize the movie is actually more than 2 hours. I enjoyed every bits of it. I wrote it before saying how much I like for a pretty full course of satisfaction in the end of a movie, and I think I can safely say this is one of them.

The movie is almost pitch-perfect being a first class movie it is. If you still haven't watch it yet, go and watch it. Not a waste. Definitely worth seeing if you're a fan of superheroes movie.

P/s: I've always fall for James Mcavoy's piercing blue eyes. Awww. And his accent is just so lovely. Haha. :D

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najjmusic said...

ak pn tgk movie ni smalam.. bestkan.. XD and yes i agree with you James Mcavoy as young Professor Xavier, he really did a great job delivering that character.. oohh.. makin suka ak kat James Mcavoy.. i really love his acting.. hehehe..=)

whibley said...

@najjmusic: Kan? He excelled as young Prof. X.. ;) he's a good actor. And gosh, melting kut ngk dia!! His accent made me go awwwwwww!! I've fallen for him againnnn and againnn.. hahaha. :P

earlied said...

That's a good review..i watched the previous x-men's but not yet this recent one. I love the past movies and from the way you tell it here, it seems like you really enjoyed it.

I will surely watch it soon.

whibley said...

@earlied: You should go and watch it!! ;) I did enjoy the whole movie. ;)