Sunday, June 19, 2011

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."
(Mignon McLaughlin)

One of us is getting married real soon. Finally, all of us gathered in spite of our busy schedules. These days, it's so hard to gather all of us at one time. The bride-to-be herself is a very busy woman. When she came out with an exact date saying that's the only date she's free, all of us made ourselves available prior to spend time with her before her marriage. You know, the catching-up session.

First, we had an amazing dinner for a warm-up. The gossiping session is then prolonged to a sleepover to celebrate the last days of a single lady among us. ;)

We had so much fun catching-up with each other, the ticking clocks didn't seem to bother us, night till morning were filled with our joyful laughter. Re-visits happened, reality checked in. Reminiscing the good old days. Sweet! but my oh my, how fast time flies.

Just by hearing their story is enough to melt every bones in my body. How her fiance put an effort to calm everything, how her heart flutters in the very beginning of their relationship, how easy things have been going on and yada yada. I'm in awe. Pathetic much?! Haha.

8 months ago, I wrote this right after her engagement ceremony saying how amazed I am seeing them surviving the long distance relationship. Now in less than 3 weeks, they're going to tie the knot. Can you believe it?? Oh I'm freaking excited and happy for them. Soon after that, she's going to migrate to Japan since her fiance is going to work there.

She had to make a huge decision to quit her job here to follow her husband, but I believe it's for the best. They have gone through a long distance relationship (her fiance studied in Japan) before, only God knows how hard it was for them. They deserved to be together after all this while.

Only certain people with a great amount of patience could maintain a long distance relationship. Hats off to them. I know I'm not one of them.

Last night, our conversation is mainly about marriage. We shared stories about successful and unsuccessful marriage. We're old anyway :D. No kidding, at this age, there's a pinch of jealousy seeing your friends, one by one is getting married to their soulmate. You're beyond happy to share the excitement but one question never fails to pop up.
When will it be for you?

It's too early to tell. In reality, I'm not even ready. A lot of matters to be settled first. I still need to prepare myself, muster all the skills before stepping into the big picture. It's intimidating hearing about the unsuccessful marriage. I hope none of us would ever experience such unfortunate event. InsyaAllah.

This sort of thing is out of my control. I leave it all to Allah. ;)

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