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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nearly met with an accident just now. Oh God. I was just inches away from crashing the reckless driver. Yup, he's one of the many. Out of the blue, he appeared in the opposite direction. Luckily I was driving slow at that time, if not, I would have hit him already. He was speeding in the wrong lane. It's the opposite. Who in the right state of mind would do such? hesssh..

My heart thumping like mad. I was shocked and I still am. I've never been in an accident before and this, it could be my first. But alhamdulillah, God has saved me, saved us. My friend was with me. Thank to her as well, she's the one who shouted, it snapped me out of it. I managed to maneuver my car. Fortunately, there was no car beside and behind me. If there's one, just one is enough to cause a big impact. I'm speechless.

Random thoughts came swarming. What would happen if I were to hit the reckless driver? First, all three of us would have been injured. Then what am I going to say to my parents, her parents and the reckless driver's parents or anyone important? The worst part is that I still haven't finish my whole set of daily prayers for that day.

I was going to pray before going out for a dinner, but I felt kinda lazy. I thought to myself to pray after dinner. Mannnn, it was such a bad idea after all. Again, my big responsibility was put on hold to meet other trivial activities in my life. For a dinner with friends, I delayed my prayer. ;(

I've been negligent but Allah still love me. O Allah. I felt ashamed. He has saved us. I'm beyond grateful for that. I still can't digest the fact that I almost had an accident. This is a reminder for me to keep being careful on the road. Be alert. The most important thing is always set my priorities straight. There's always a heavy price to pay if you put something on hold, put something off.

I'm grateful for tonight.

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