White Flag

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today marked the day I raised my white flag. Haha.
But not in a war, it's just that I used to think I don't need a Facebook account.
But today,I created my own account. Yes, I have a FB account for now.

It took me so long to create just one frigging account. It took me what, 6 years? I had my first invitation back years ago and the invitations kept coming, not to mention those who keep asking about adding me on FB.

Whenever I told them I don't have an account there, usually they would laugh, not being able to digest the info. I wonder what's so funny? They would think I lied, I used another account to hide myself, I'm anti-social whatsoever. Oh mannnn, I don't waste my time to hide who I am, being a stalker or whatsoever. I don't do such.

It's funny how some people thought I don't have a FB account because I'm not tech-wise. I don't really know how to browse internet. That's funny!!
Come on, I have a love hate relationship with computers and tech. In fact, I can do a bit of a hacking thingy. I'm quite a nerd myself when it comes to computer. Haha.
I don't mind. Let them figuring it out by themselves.

Besides, I do have twitter so I don't really think I need FB.
But then, too many people rely on FB. I wrote it in here. It's a good social networking after all. Everyone has one. You can easily find back your old classmates, old kindergarten's friends and sorts. The thing is that, when you have technology, everything is at your fingertips, you seem to lost the perks of being in a real conversation. You know what I mean? Nowadays, even wedding invitation is sent via FB. I don't really like it. But I know it's easier. It'd be a blatant lie if I say I'm not falling for that. Haha.

Frankly, it feels weird. I still don't like the idea of owning a FB account. I don't know why. I can't explain it. I feel like an alien after I created it. Gosh, I'm so weird. Haha.
Whatever. Let's see if FB can do wonders.

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