Sunday, June 5, 2011

I envy those at Weenie Roast who can watch KROQ live. But then again, I watched it too via Ustream. Haha. I woke up early just to watch the live stream. Boo me..!!

The Strokes is solely responsible for that. Haha.

Watched the full live stream without any buffer or hiccups. Love it.

Jules as usual, was rocking his neon green sneakers and sunnies. Niko donned the vest again. Fab and Albert were rocking their usual attire. Valensi, on the other hand looked hot! ♥_♥

Here's Valensi with his guitar. :)


Pic credit: LYWB

They played my theme song, Hard To Explain. Mann, I was melting again when they played it. I effing love that song. Rather than mellow kind of song, I chose this song to be my love song. I'm weird like that. Haha. Besides, it was the song Jules used when he proposed to Juliet.

Despite a dying mic, The Strokes didn't fail to impress their fans. Their fans were totally jumping and dancing along to their tunes. I was stoked seeing their background. Jules with his sexy rocking voice. Aww. And yes, he just loved to crack a joke in between songs. :) I love it when he's messing with the lyrics. They played Reptilia, Hard To Explain, Under Cover of Darkness, Juicebox, Last Night, You're So Right, You Live Only Once, and Take It Or Leave it.

But I think Jules was not in his top form. Regardless, it was short and sweet. ;)

I managed to catch Foo Fighters too. They played my fav song, Learn To Fly,Times Like These and Best of You. I think they played longer than The Strokes which is not fair. Haha. One funny thing, I've read a comment in Ustream chat feed box saying Dave Grohl is actually Tony Stark. LOL. I only see a tiny resemblance.

Anyhow, I found an old pic of Nick Valensi. How cute.

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