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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pic courtesy of shesfixing

Pic courtesy of Mr. Ryan Gentles (taken from his twitter)

Have you seen it live? ZOMG. It was EPIC.

My friend tweeted me about this one. He asked me to wake up and go stream the coachella on Youtube, since The Strokes is coming up next. Without further ado, I went to Youtube and yes, coachella live it is. I watched The Nationals first, then Ratatat and *drumrolls please* The Strokes.

HELL YEAH. The Strokes mannnn....<3

I've been dreaming to watch them performing live and yes Jules did appear in my dream last week. haaaha. I've watched their live performance but none of them were live as in live streaming mann.. An infinite thanks to the genius who came out with an idea to let us fans streaming the concert. The live feed was awesome. Seriously, I bet yaa, thousands of people from whole wide world streamed it. Come on, it's Coachella. :)

It was wonderful. It felt like I was watching them live in there with a VIP seat I might add, albeit there's no colors. Still, black and white rocks on. See?! A twisted mind of a girl who's not even there but pretending that she was there. Oh pathetic? well, I don't effing care.

The Strokes killing it dude..!!

Jules like always looking stunning with his hat and sunnies. I love it when he always changed the lyrics. And yeah Jules's still rocking with his deep voice. That's sexy mann.. Jules,please marry me. Sorry Juliet, move over! haha. xD

Not to mention, he's on top form with his light mood and being humorous, and remember the high note on Games?! Splendid. <3 (I don't mind Julian's banter at all, love it)
Remember , "let's us fuckin’ juicebox their faces!”, "I jest, I jest" ,"okay my pilgrims friend", "You mothafuckas ready" ??? LTMQ. :)

Albert was perfect with his pipes or whatever that is. Valensi was good with his solo. Fab and Nikolai were amazing too. Did you see Valensi's converse??'s cool. :)

The 1st song was I Can't Win. Oh it bring memories. Then they played Hard To Explain, Under Cover of Darkness, Someday, The Modern Age, Reptilia, NYC Cops, Games, You're So Right, You Only Live Once, Taken For A Fool, Juicebox, Under Control, Gratisfaction, Last Night and Take It Or Leave it (in no particular order).

Well that's all I remember. If I miss any song, I'm sorry. I was hyperventilating the whole time watching them plus flooding the timeline with #CoachellaLive #thestrokes. Sorry tweeples.

In fact, Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi and Juicebox were the trending topic (TT). (^_^)

I was literally melting when they played Hard To Explain. After all, it's Jules & Juliet song. <3

I love every bits of it. I love how they played the old songs. <3 I was singing along to the tunes while taking care of my heart, a pulse to stabilize. hehe Oh I LOVE YOU THE STROKES.

This is definitely going into my bucket list: To see them performing live for real. I shall go to one of their concert, at least once in my life. :)

Heard they're coming to play in Bali this coming August, I hope they will come down to Kuala Lumpur which I highly doubt BTW still, I'm hoping they will. It would be a dream come true. A princess is no longer longing for her fairy tale. Hahah.

All in all, I still love them and yes they were fantastic and mind blowing. Again, thanks for the live feed (No hiccups whatsoever mann.. ) as it was hell of an experience watching them performing live. I'm still in awe. :)

p/s: I'm waiting for the video soon to be uploaded by unknown. I wanna watch it over and over again.
Cheers xoxo

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