Avatar: The Last Air Bender Movie Trailer

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm sorry for not updating my blog..yeah..been busy!

anyway here's the trailer of Avatar's movie. For those who did not know or haven't heard of Avatar,it is an American animated TV series probably more for kids but I don't know..I love watching the series.! ^_^ When I heard that M.Night Shyamalan wanted to make the movie, I was not interested at all. Yeah, you know he could be ridiculous sometimes. Even after seeing the trailer, it still didn't hit on me. I'm unsure of how the live-action movie would be. =[

I'm a huge fan of the anime and I don't really like to see a crap movie made out of a great anime. You know when they're making movie based on great animes and games it's supposed to be good if it's not the best but sometimes they have twisted everything in a sense that the movie is a total waste. You know like Dragonball..They totally ruined the kick-ass anime. I was so disappointed with the movie. The same goes for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.

As a huge fan,I was supposed to be excited but I personally think Aang is a bit chubby and I can't imagine Dev Patel playing Prince Zuko. It's somehow weird but not to the extent that I hate him.
I'm still going to watch the movie and M.Night Shyamalan better not screwed up this movie.

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jiggins said...

Well I definitely had not heard of this one.. and I am a semi-fan of M.Night Shyamalan.. (mostly for his creative energy) but this is completely new to me. I am excited to see him do something other than the kind of movies that have been coming out form him in recent years.. we shall see!

whibley said...

@jiggins : Yeah..he's creative actually..it's just me to think that he's sometimes being ridiculous. but it's true that this is quite different..