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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I read on E! about the ‘pitch a fix’ thing. It is about the TV series that does not go right just like what you’re expected or how the story should be, and you really wish certain characters were dead or anything that you want to see in these TV series; Heroes and 90210.
Okay first let me talk about Heroes. Honestly I think I like this TV series but only season 1 and part of season 2. Then when it comes to season 3 it started to be more complicated and then everything is messed up. Lots of characters came out suddenly and then everyone has changed. Maybe it is just me to feel these sorts of things. I do not know about other people. Here’s one of the thoughts about Heroes:
"I just can't take it anymore. Heroes' number-one issue in my opinion is that the writers don't follow the rules they establish. We can't trust anything because they change the rules to suit their stupid ideas each week. Examples of rule-breaking: (1) Peter was always my favorite from the beginning and they destroyed his character by changing the way his powers worked. Stupid. (2) The idea in the beginning was him against Sylar, epic titans. They screwed that up. (3) In volume two or whatever, let's heal Nathan with Claire's blood and resurrect Noah. But in volume four, let's just let Nathan die instead of resurrecting him and keep Sylar around again. Gosh darnit, kill the mofo already! I am so sick of this character: He is so boring! 'Will he become good? Will he change? No, let's change his powers too...' And I loved season one... so sad... —WWK commenter
As for me, I think this show has become somewhat ridiculous but still I have watched all the episodes. Hahaha..It’s just because once I’m involved with TV series, I don’t really like to stop continue watching the series. I still wanted to know the ending no matter what. One thing for sure just please stop resurrect people from dead. As much as I wanted to see some characters develop into something new, I don’t really think the idea of bringing people back to their life is appealing but rather appalling. Seriously, what were you thinking? I do not know but I loved season 1 where everyone is a much of a heroes. Peter is like the most powerful, Claire is a smart cheerleader, Mohinder is a great scientist, Sylar is the intriguing killer and the list goes on. But look what happened to them now? Claire is boring, Mohinder has grown to be such an idiot, Sylar has undergone too many identity changes and Peter is a complication, he lost his power and could only copy one and etc. I personally think they should have been focusing more on the core characters. Do not make them hate on each others but stand up for each others. Create more links between them where they could be a hero to one another. I know too well that there’s nothing I could do to change the plot of the stories. It’s nice to read what people have to say about the series but I still don’t think the director would really go and change the plot just because he read their comments. Absolutely NOT.
Let me proceed with 90210. Frankly this series is a painful to watch. It’s a very typical TV series revolving sexy rich teenagers that does not seem to be very interesting. Their sick wardrobe is big turn-off. I mean yeah they are all rich people but they don’t really know how to dress well especially Annie. But I think all of them do not wear great clothes. Maybe their wardrobe team is the one to be blame. No offense. Gossip Girl is far better than this series. Not to mention their gorgeous outfits and also great storyline even though it is taken from the novel. Lots of people say that 90210 steals OTH storyline. Well I felt the same too. Plus I think Annie is a boring character and Ethan is nothing but a lame hunk that does not attract much attention. Despite all of these, I watched the series though I may have pressed forward a lot especially the parent’s part, Dixon + Silver part and also Annie + Ethan part. (Note that I don’t watch it on TV) I guess it maybe because of Silver and Adrianna characters that I still stick to the series. Their acting is quite good compared to others. I think they should bring another guy other than Liam or at least develop Ethan, Dixon or Navid characters to be more interesting. I don’t know what else they should change. Basically just change everything. Hahaha..I hope season 2 will be better since there will be new characters as well though Rumer Willis does not really strike my attention. Nothing to say more because no matter what, Gossip Girl, The O.C and One Tree Hill (the sixth season is kind of sick somehow, =p) are way much better.

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jiggins said...

Ok, so here is the thing.. I liked HERO'S alot.. in the start of it. I don't usually watch alot of television.. but I get stuff on itunes or DVD f I think I will like it.. Or Netflix.. I bought season 1 of HERO'S and was very happy with it.. then I got Season 2 .. and I was a little disappointed. I just had no desire to go back. Out of loyalty, i picked up Season 3..and I was sorely disappointed. I just do not get what they were trying to do! I was hoping there was some method to the madness.. like on my other favorite show LOST .. which also has begun to lose me.. heheh.

Anyway, I have never watched the new version of 90210..and I don't really ever intend to. I am just not interested. These days I watch alot of television on hulu.com and thus, I skip alot of the crap I don't want to see. Puts me in more control. I have a post on that coming about that you should check out.

Well, thanks for stopping by Splitting Tens and I hope you can become a regular visitor. Where can I click to follow your blog?

whibley said...

I have to agree with you dude..! so far everyone only loved season 1 since both season 2 and 3 were getting ridiculous.. it's good choice for you not trying to get involve with 90210..trust me, it's a waste..haha..yeah..I don't put 'follow me' widget here..well since lots of people asking me, I guess I'll put one..=]..I'll go to your blog again..

Jeremy said...

i like heroes a lot....their supernatural power ..was cool..

whibley said...

Yeah..Their supernatural power are really cool but sometimes it droves me mad..hahah.. I wish to have one..=] and still hoping the new season will be better than before.